The easiest Appointment Reminder system available. PERIOD!

Lemens-TS has developed an Appointment Reminder system that sits on the Asterisk PBX. The goal was to keep things as simple as we could. Victory is ours.

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Why choose EasyAR?

Their is a lack of Appointment Reminder systems available, and all are missing key features. We believe it needs to be easy for a secretary to manage, able to make the calls while load balancing, and produce a report for the secretary after all calls have been made.

Text to Speech

Easy setup by having the system read the message to the patient, no need to record messages.

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Emailed Report

Your secretary will love you when they have an easy to read report in their email inbox when they arive the next morning.

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View critical information about your appointments and your server, all on one screen!

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Lots of settings

Choose how you want your system to work from an easy to use settings page.

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EasyAR makes your life easier! See EasyAR features

Easy Appointment Reminder

Lets face it, your secretary has better things to do than call patients one by one and remind them of appointments. And most patients are not available until in the evening when they are home from work. We doubt your secretary likes their job enough to stay late to call the patients. Thats where EasyAR comes to play.

Your secretary logs into a webpage, and easily creates an appointment for each patient. In the initial setup, they will create the message you want played to the customer. It can include their name, time of appointment, date of appointment, and provider name. Additionally you can add special instructions per appointment for each patient. All of this is done by text-to-speech, no need to record your voice over the phone (although we are sure it is very soothing). The patient can choose to accept, cancel, or reschedule the appointment.

Once the patients have all been called for the day, the system emails the secretary a summary of the patients that includes: Time patient answered, time patient hung up, option chosen, how many times the system called the patient, and if the patient answered or not. This will put a big smile on your secretaries face when they come to work the next day and already know the status of the appointments.

EasyAR is not just meant for dentists, doctors, medical facilities, chiropracters, etc. It can be used for contracters, meeting reminders, or whatever else you can dream of. EasyAR can be tailored to fit your needs, we can modify and add new features quickly for you. Time us. You'll be surprised.

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EasyAR 1.0 Released!

12-16-11: We have released the first stable version of EasyAR. Check out the download page to download it.

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